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1. Give yourself permission to enjoy all foods: Yup, the nutritionist is telling you to eat the Panettone and Pandoro, the chocolate cookies, and have a second helping. Why? Because if you really want it and forbid yourself from having it, you’re going to end up building a craving life around that food to the point where you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

If you simply allow yourself to enjoy the cookie, the slice of buttered bread or …(insert food of your choice), you’ll feel more satisfied as a result and won’t feel the need to overdo it. …

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Claudia Vidor at Refigure

Let’s address the elephant in the room

On a sunny day, when I was 13, it dawned on me: life wasn’t as easy as I thought when I was a child. That particular gloomy day, while struggling to finish the art project on time, I realised that life was going to be a never-ending series of tests, essays, interrogations, math problems, etc. Until then I thought that playing in nature and eating as much homemade cake as I wanted was what my existence was meant to be; oh, if I was wrong.

Call it anxiety, but after that day life changed, and I stopped being a child and started acting more like a rebellious, often upset, teenager. It was as if freedom had been taken away from me in that particular instant. …

But then life turned around

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My story isn’t different from so many others; although back then, I felt alone, as if the universe was plotting against me.

I got married rather young or old, depending on which side of life you look at it. We tried for babies during our honeymoon; we got rid of all the safety nets, and we went straight to business thanks to an expensive bottle of Champagne and an unforgettable sunset.

It was a glorious time made of hope, late nights out, lavish dinners and lazy mornings, and lots and lots of swim and bike rides. We were having the best time, and we were trying to soak in every minute of our deserved vacation before pregnancy and babies would rock our boat. …

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Although conventional medicine fails to recognise Adrenal Fatigue (or HPA axis dysregulation) as a real problem, it does affect an ever increasing number of people, especially in the developed countries; it can be hard to diagnose and it can be life-changing, but it can be overcome.

The adrenal glands are wonderful powerhouses that sit on top of the kidneys and that are in charge of producing hormones that help the body to control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, they react to stressors like a major illness or injury, and regulate blood pressure.
Unfortunately, due to the high level of stress, mixed with a bad diet and sleepless nights, these glands get depleted, and that’s when your body stops coping.
Normally people with adrenal fatigue pumps out stress hormones on a constant basis (also when there is no danger in sight) and wake up tired, struggle during the day, feel like napping in the afternoon and are exhausted but wired at night. For the above reasons, these people survive on coffees, sugary foods (always seeking the hit, like real addict), alcohol and marijuana to unwind, and they deal with co-related symptoms such as GIT issues, headaches, muscle tensions and so forth. In the worst-case scenario, patients suffering from adrenal fatigue can end up in bed for months, unable to lift themselves up. …

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And how to keep the mental sanity

And it’s that time of the year where families decorate their Christmas Tree and start upping their time at the gym to compensate the over indulgent treats that keep appearing on the table between Halloween and the New Year.

It’s that time of the year where the diet industry feast on fading dreams of millions of hopeful souls, that start buying slimming supplements and diet books, hoping to fit again into their jeans when 2020 come along.

I’m literally done with that s***

Christmas is a time of connection over a cup of hot chocolate or a never-ending bbq (for fellow Australians), not a time to worry about the number on a scale. …

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It can, in fact, be bloody hard work!

I write a lot about the challenges of breastfeeding because I know that they are painful and real. I have a mother, a sister, many friends and relatives that have shared their stories with me, and most of these stories end up with a steriliser and a box of Formula.

It doesn’t mean they have not been trying, it doesn’t mean they have given up at the first obstacles; it simply means that breastfeeding can be difficult, and the fears, doubts, and pain a mother go through doesn’t have to go underestimated.

Breastfeeding is taxing on a mother’s body on so many levels; not only is imperative to keep up with the caloric and fluid intake, but breastfeeding also means giving up on precious hours of sleep, being on call 24/7, and not be allowed to go out without the baby, or to simply have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee whenever it feels like the right time for a cappuccino. …

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It is True that sometimes Less is More

For the longest time, I lived in a situation where I couldn’t stop, or my heart would start pounding fast. I was addicted to movement, productivity, and taking time for myself was a foreign concept.

I firmly believed that my worth equaled the number of articles I published in a day, the number of people that were following me on social media, and the bookings that I would get every week. Basically, my worth equaled to an imaginary number that was unclear even in my head.

I wanted more, that, I knew. I kept comparing myself to hundreds of women that I didn’t even know, and while I needed 100 compliments to make me smile and give me a little sense of achievement, one single negative feedback would ruin my day, and possibly, the entire week. …

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It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way Forever

Binge eating is something that people occasionally do, like at Christmas or on a special occasion.

The bingeing behaviour that I’m referring to is when you consume large quantities of food in a short amount of time, often to the point of discomfort, accompanied by a loss of control.
While certain thoughts and feelings can be temporarily relieved by a binge eating episode, it is often followed by intense emotional turmoil. Feelings of guilt about eating certain foods or eating in a certain way can contribute to the shame around having binge eating disorder. Shame and guilt can affect attention and concentration at school or work and can result in secretiveness around behaviors. …

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You Don’t have to be stuck in the same loop for the rest of your life

Truth be told, I tried to recover my menstrual cycle and to get rid of my past disordered eating behaviours for more than a decade. I read every book available (but I always skipped the homework), I tried every new “lifestyle change” I came across, I went to yoga, and became a yoga teacher, I studied nutrition and dietetics, and I saw countless of specialists.

I spent more money than I care to admit, but the reality is that I wasn’t ready, as I kept making the following mistakes, as if I was stuck in a never-ending cycle I couldn’t get out of. …

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I still remember the smell of frangipani in the air. It was a sticky, hot morning, and a grey thunderstorm was looming on the horizon. We were all feeling pretty rusty, after having celebrated the night with too many cocktails, and with loud music until late in the morning.
I was feeling out of sorts, lonely, and left out.
My best friend was getting married, and I was alone in Fiji, while the guy that I was so ashamed of introducing to my family and friends had decided (rightly so) not to join me for the wedding celebration. …


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