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The Top 5 Reasons Medium works Wonderfully for My Business

And How my life would be more complicated without It

I found out about Medium only a few months ago, and I fell head over heels in love with it.
In the beginning, I would spend hours reading every single article until I work up the courage to publish my first thousand words.
I was so excited, and I went to sleep thinking that I was going to wake up to an email clogged with messages raving about my article.

It didn’t go that way, and for the very first month I only heard crickets; Medium was not curating my articles, no one was clapping or leaving a word.
I kept on writing as I was committed to publishing one article a day for 90 days. Every morning I would wake up and tell myself I was a prolific writer, and I only had to persist to get the recognition I felt I deserved.

Fast forward to another month, I had my few but very reliable followers, I had articles that were viewed by more than three thousand readers, I was nominated Top Writer in Medium under the Parenting section, and I was also making some money on the side. And although it was rewarding and it gave me a self-esteem boost, this is not the reason I keep on writing, publishing and sharing my posts.

Medium works for me in many different ways

My articles become content for my business
When I started working on my online program, I realised there wasn’t much writing I needed to do, as I only needed to collide different articles already published on Medium. Instead of spending my nights writing content, I just had to pick and choose different articles and slightly modify them. I was mesmerised; this process saved me an invaluable time that I could instead spend on another side of the business, or that could be invested playing with my daughter.

My social media posts are already written
The same goes for social media content; everything is already written. I just need to focus on the right image, find a couple of lines from one of my already posted Medium articles, et voila’! The game is done in less than 5 minutes. I’m now getting a little smarter, and every time I post an article, I take a snippet of it and I log it in my social media calendar for the future months.

I can support my clients
Because I have published so many valuable information, I can simply direct my clients to my Medium’s page or I can create and hand out ebooks from articles I have already written; my clients love it, as they feel supported and they have a well of information they can always refer to.

I earn as I sleep
Working as a mum is never easy; there are lots of challenges, sick days and times where it is plain impossible to get the laptop out, as the only thing I can do is extinguish one emotional fire after another.
Medium doesn’t care; Medium is there when my child is napping or sleeping at night. Medium doesn’t give a shit of when I publish an article, and it’s also there when I need a spare $100 a month for all the coffees I drink during my sleep-deprived days.
And most of all…

I have a let out
My husband works, we have no family here, and when I’m free I tend to spend all my time with my daughter; it is sometimes challenging to not having a place to unravel all the emotions, fears and doubts I experience daily. And this is the number 1 reason because I write. Not only it’s the best way to take some load off my shoulders, but I also know that my words will one day reach another mother, businesswoman, human being that is crying for support and feels alone. My challenges as a mother and my articles will become a helpful tool for someone one day, and there is nothing that I value more in life, to be of service.

Qualified Holistic Nutritionist (BhS)- Disorder Eating/ Fertility/ Pregnancy/Postpartum. Mother. Coffee Drinker. FREEBIES:

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