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Nicole Honeywill

One Word can Change Your Day For the Better

Sometimes the most powerful tips are the easiest to implement

Let me know if this resonates with you.

You wake up in the morning, somehow already tired and exhausted, and you start thinking about all the things that you “have” to do. You make yourself a strong coffee, or a cup of black tea, you spread some glucose (jam) on your toast, waiting for the adrenaline kick to fire up your sleepy brain, and you start rushing and panicking because the clock has started ticking, and there are so many things you have to cross out your to-do list.

You have to go to the office, pack the school lunches, tidy up the house, get ready for that meeting, and then go to dinner with the in-laws. You wish it was tomorrow already, as the rest of your day seems so tiring and unappealing.

But you can’t move the clock forward, so slowly (or rapidly) and steadily, you do all the things that need to be done, and you get to the end of the day where you can finally relax in peace, and obliterate your brain with a nice adult beverage and some cheap television.

Does it sound familiar?

What if I tell you that there is a different way of going on with your day, which won’t take away any task from your to-do list, but that will decrease your stress level dramatically while improving the overall quality of your life.

I invite you today to swap the “I have to” with the “I get to.”


Did you know that our body cannot do stress hormones production and appreciation at the same time?

This straightforward language shift can change the way we exist in chaos.

You are stressed because you have to go to work, but do you know how many people are jobless and in financial restraint?

You have to pack the school lunches, but how many women would give an arm and a leg to have a child to take care of?

You have to clean the house, but you have a home to clean! How many people can say the same?

I invite you today to incorporate this gentle swap in the way you talk to yourself and other people. As I previously said, your to-do list and workload won’t vary, but your life dramatically will.

Are you feeling slightly stressed out lately? Feel free to download my freeEbook where I explain what stress does to our body and how we can build up our resilience to it.

Qualified Holistic Nutritionist (BhS)- Disorder Eating/ Fertility/ Pregnancy/Postpartum. Mother. Coffee Drinker. FREEBIES:

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